About Milestone Auto Body & Paint

Milestone Auto Body is a professional full auto body shop started in 2011 in Fredericksburg, VA. We moved to our current and new space in Springfield, VA in December of 2015. Our goal from the start of our business has been to provide the best quality auto service possible at affordable prices. Every motor vehicle needs to be serviced to ensure a safe and enjoyable drive. Therefore, regardless of the type of automobile you drive or the kind of condition it's in, we strive to give you the best auto repair consultation and service possible at friendly prices. Our main service is complete car body repair as well as other general automobile check services. You can see the full list of services available to determine which ones you need for your automobile.

Milestone auto store outside
Milestone auto store inside


Our complete auto body repair is comprehensive and includes all of the following.

  • Full mechanical services
  • dent removal
  • automobile painting
  • auto frame aligning and switch 
  • headlight restoration 
  • wheel repair and finish

Insurance & Payments

At Milestone Auto Body, we accept all insurance companies. We understand that having your car repaired can be sometimes a frustrating experience. This is why we want to make this process as convenient and smooth-sailing for you as possible by being flexible and compliant to your desired payment methods.  We work with all insurance companies to get your car back to its pristine original condition. We also accept out of pocket payments.  Depending on the circumstances, we also offer deductible care services. This can help you save money on labor or car parts. Not to mention, compared to our competitors, our prices can be quite customer friendly!  

For more detailed information, call us at (703) 372-1620 and we'll give you a free estimate and consultation on your auto repair needs.